And The Scene award for the best song to rock-the-fuck-out-to goes to........Inventure, with their song 'Analog View' off of their album Parallel || Design. 

Gold Steps

Imagine The Wonder Years if their lead singer was an ultra talented female vocalist. Add in a catchy as hell chorus and that's essentially what you get with the artist Gold Steps and their performance of the opening track of The Scene, Vol. 6: Senescence. The song itself is titled 'Dead Weight' and originally debuted on the band's EP, Louder Than Words. As if their positioning on the comp wasn't a blatant enough sign of my infatuation with the band, I'm going to be even more straight forward right now and reiterate that you should probably give them a listen. Just like you should give the other comp tracks a spin when they drop on April 4th.

Release of Cynical

Listen to it, download it, stream it, ignore it, light your monitor on fire and send me hate mail. Whatever you do, just know that the Future Idiots' cover of Blink 182's song 'Cynical' is now available. 


New Noise is currently streaming the Future Idiots' latest single. It's a cover tune called 'Cynical.' The name might sound familiar. It was originally performed by this little indie act called Blink-182. On top of the stream, the guys in FI talk a little bit about why they chose to record this particular track.

FI has a massive catalog of covers and original material in their repertoire, and this is a top five track of there's in my humble but all important opinion.

If you're lazy and don't like to click links. Grow the fuck up and click it anyway. Otherwise just be lazy and wait for it to come out tomorrow.  

Future Idiots Descend Further Into the Punk Scene

Blink 182, Sum 41, Alkaline Trio, Pennywise, Tony Sly and the Ramones; what's the connection? They're essentially the stepping stones that the Future Idiots have taken on their journey through the various levels of Punk. Luckily, despite their deeper progression into punk, they haven't felt the need alienate themselves from their original style. They are simply bringing more distinctly different artists into their already established sound. The only question I have now is, now that they've tackled the Ramones, where will their next deeper dive into the punk scene take them?

For now, check out their newly released two song mini-cover EP on all your favorite vendor sites (amazon, spotify, iTunes, etc.) , or on their bandcamp page.

Future Idiots - A Tribute to Tony Sly

The punk scene hasn't been the same since the tragic loss of Tony Sly. And in all reality the scene might never see another punk artist that was as influential or as philanthropic. The only positive is Tony Sly will live on through his family and his musical endeavors that have continued to spread and grow among so many up-and-coming and existing artists.

The Future Idiots aren't trying to make a statement with these songs. They're merely trying to pay their respects to a man that helped shape their careers.

Om sanningen ska fram

Pac Ridge has now published 437 songs. Despite that ridiculous number of tracks, 'Om sanningen ska fram' stands out alone. It's the first (and maybe last) foreign language track we've ever had the joy of publishing. Even more rare than that, it's a Future Idiots track with a hardcore/post-hardcore scream in it. Think about that, pop-punk-screamo in the form of the Future Idiots. The possibilities are limitless!

Honestly, I don't understand the lyrics because I'm a pompous American, but I dig the tune. Give it a stream, try a little something different yourselves and maybe you'll feel the same way.  

Bored to Death

If I had a Mount Rushmore of artists it would be The Movielife, Blink 182, Alkaline Trio and Coheed and Cambria (random one there at the end, I know). That's why I was thrilled when Matt Skiba of Alk3 fame decided to team up with Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker. If only Vinnie Caruana and Claudio Sanchez joined the fun. I'd just retire and live out my days as a fifth-wheel riding groupie. Instead, I'm going to continue the grind and go with the second best option and lap up the fact that a Pac Ridge artist covered a Mark and Matt Blink tune. So without further adieu, here's "Bored to Death," the Future Idiots' first and hopefully not last take on the new and improved Blink lineup. Keep an eye out for a video that will be coming soon.   

Eyes of Mine

If people aren't getting their scene related tunes from New Noise Magazine, Dying Scene and Punktastic, than you're getting scammed. These editors/musical journalists are actually interested in getting well-crafted indie tunes out to the world as opposed to all the other outlets that are only interested in getting clicks. That being said...

Dying Scene is streaming 'Eyes of Mine' by the Future Idiots.


Most artists slap together a hodgepodge of unappealing songs or release a slew of equally forgettable singles as a way to build up anticipation for an upcoming album. Meanwhile, the Future Idiots endlessly toiled for 17 tracks to get the hype train started for their original LP. That's called commitment. That's also why they've been kicking some Pop Punk ass for over a decade. So here it is, in all it's Pop Star/Punker/Rock King/Diva laden glory, GTA3.

S.A.D: Songs of a Decade

The Future Idiots got a little fan love. Some of their more passionate listeners decided to secretly recruit some touring comrades to cover a few of their more popular songs in honor of their ten years as an active artist. It's not lost on me or the band that there was some hard earned money and well placed thought spent on the original art by Illustrations by Christian Wallin and the recording of all the new tunes. Amazing job by everyone.