Always Hope

Ever wondered what a female fronted version of Senses Fail would sound like? Just give the album Always Hope by Forever Starts Today a spin and you'll know. It doesn't tonally match Senses Fail, but man, "Not This Time" just strikes that nostalgia chord for me while stoking that Pop Punk fire.

Always Hope is a follow up to their debut release Limitless, which included The Scene comp track "Catch Me If You Can." That's only relevant because I always try and add artists to The Scene that I think will go on to record material that will impact their respective genre. Always Hope more than accomplishes that. In my opinion their album is the best female fronted release since Brand New Eyes by Paramore. I'm just disappointed it took me two months to realize that it was already out.    

For God's sake, support quality indie artists so we can get more material like this.