There are about a half-dozen record labels that are solely responsible for almost every pop-punk, post-hardcore, indie, and emo song that you will ever hear. Fuck them and fuck that. There are thousands of artists out there that are every bit as awesome as anything that’s being churned out by these quasi-majors. I don’t frown on anybody signing with these prestigious labels. It’s almost a mandatory step for an artist to take if they want a reputable platform to properly broadcast their art to the widest audience possible. I certainly don’t begrudge these labels their success either. They are without a doubt 100% necessary to get pass the gatekeepers that man the media outlets that only tout and feature signed artists. My biggest qualm is with how many independent artists have just gotten a raw deal. They didn’t get drunk at the right mixer and befriend the right person in order to properly further their career. Anonymity versus success these days boils down to a little hard work and whole hell-of-a-lot of being in the right place at the right time. I’m not saying I’m here to change that (I would if I could). I run into the same infuriating obstacles as every other peon that’s trying to grind out a living the hard way. I’m simply done with the bullshit formulaic process. From here on out I’m working with unsigned artists and true indie label artists and that’s it. They’re more passionate, more dedicated and are repeatedly put on the back-burner despite often times being superior in every way but influence. Don’t get me wrong, I sincerely hope every artist goes on to have a financially rewarding career in the industry. I simply want to share their talents with a few extra potential fans regardless of whether or not that dream becomes a reality.  



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