A Tribute to Senses Fail is Out Now

A Tribute to Senses Fail is now out in its full hardcore/pop-punk glory.

Thanks to all the artists that participated. It's exciting to watch the next generation of talent bloom.

Also, Downtown City RadioFamiliar ThingsWith ClarityBFAMEThe New PacificKill The ClockGOLDVIEW and Rough Start all deserve some bonus love for not getting any pre-release love despite fully deserving it. I simply ran out of time.

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1. Young Medicine - Battle Hymn

2. Gold Steps - Rum is for Drinking, Not for Burning

3. Pyro, Ohio - Calling All Cars

4. Chin Up, Kid - Can't Be Saved

5. Commons - Buried a Lie

6. Forever Starts Today - Family Tradition

7. Downtown City Radio - Lost and Found

8. Glow - New Year's Eve

9. Luke Rainsford - Death Bed

10. Knockout Kid - Bloody Romance

11. Stratford - Lady in a Blue Dress

12. Titans in Time - The Fire

13. Goldview - Let it Enfold You

14. I Survived - Lungs Like Gallows

15. Kill The Clock - Tie Her Down

16. Alteras - Gold Jacket, Green Jacket…

17. Bfame - Free Fall Without a Parachute

18. Action/Adventure - Bonecrusher

19. With Clarity - Yellow Angels

20. Nights Like Thieves - Slow Dance

21. Familiar Things - NJ Falls Into the Atlantic

22. The New Pacific - You're Cute When You Scream

23. Rough Start - Bite to Break Skin