The Pac Ridge series of tribute compilations have been put together in an effort to mix already established artists such as Four Year Strong, I Can Make A Mess, Allister, All Time Low and The Swellers with up-and-coming talents like Farraday, The Material, We Still Dream and many many more. These tributes are also a damn good way to get refreshing new takes on classic songs by bands like Alkaline Trio, Blink 182 and The Get Up Kids.

The Scene series is intended to pick up where the indie compilations 'Atticus' and 'Another Year On The Streets' left off. Both compilations had a profound impact on the music scene at the time of their release by introducing artists who, for one reason or another, didn't garner the spotlight or gain the notoriety that they deserved despite being unbelievably talented.

Hopefully this compilation will follow a similar path and assist in guiding listeners to some tremendous talent while eliminating the rigmarole of having to wade through the gluttony of bands that exist in the world today. And with a little luck maybe the next Taking Back Sunday, Finch or Alkaline Trio will emerge from this particular list of artists in the same way that The Starting Line, Hot Rod Circuit and Bad Astronaut rose to prominence after Blink-182’s 'Atticus' and Vagrant Records’ 'Another Year On The Streets' hit stores.