For Fans of: Transit, Bayside, Alkaline Trio, Say Anything, Moneen

Style: The Lion Faced Boy is a Pop Rock group that blends the powerful and semi-dark lyrical storytelling of Transit and Bayside with the stylings of Alkaline Trio. Don't get me wrong, both artists sound drastically different from one another, but the way in which Alkaline Trio develops a radically different tone for each song is a trait that The Lion Faced Boy possesses and showcases adeptly with each and every track.

The Reason: Music is about extracting emotion out of a listener. It's about momentarily removing someone from reality, and through the sheer power of language and tone making a listener cry, laugh, shudder or simply smile. To have that brief connection through an artistic endeavor, and to have it manifest and create a profound affect on others, even if that connection only lasts a second, is to create a bonding experience among complete strangers.

A number of artists have this sort of impact. Take Jimmy Eat World or Taking Back Sunday for example, both artists have songs rife with impactful moments. Moments where you get lost in your head for a brief period in time. The sort of lost where your mind is so solely focused on one particular chorus, or one specific line of lyrics, that the meaning transcends the artist and is ultimately so much more than the words that are being spoken.

It's my hope that this music whisks you away for just that moment. A moment where you become temporarily removed from the daily grind of work or school, and that in that moment you feel just a little more alive because of it.


Rob Scanlon
Danny Figueroa
Mark Dongivin



Rebel Without Applause

1. In Hell (Can't Spell Friend Without Fiend)
2. Exit Strategy
3. Day Drinks & Daydreams
4. Rebel Without Applause
5. See You At The Bottom