Sustaining The Scene

How many bands have come together and released material only to fade away into the digital and physical ether? Every last one of them. How many of these short lived scene bands have music worthy of remembering? Not many, but when you consider how many artists have united and disbanded, it’s easy to understand the enormous amount of talent and the volume of potential that winds up getting lost in the musical shuffle. If one out of every hundred bands was worth listening to, then that one outlier is a band that shouldn’t just be forgotten. Their contribution to the Scene should be remembered and embraced. That’s the goal here. I want to resurrect the material of bands that shouldn’t be forgotten. I’m not necessarily saying that anything will come of preserving these artists’ legacies. I merely want the material to exist and have a chance to be heard, no matter how old or inactive the band may be.


It’s not going to be a money making endeavor. Releasing material by active band’s is hardly profitable, let alone trying to release material that may be a decade old. In all likelihood this process will cost me exponentially more than I’ll ever earn back. That’s not the point, though. The point is to archive an art. I also want to make a difference while keeping this art active. I’m not expecting to change the world or the industry. Pac Ridge will simply do its part in this world by being charitable outside of the scene. So as Pac Ridge begins releasing older records by bands that deserved a better legacy, we will donate 100% of the profits towards the Prostate Cancer Foundation with the idea that it will truly help someone that can also have a chance at carving out a potential legacy. 


Q: Why give money to the Prostate Cancer Foundation?
A: Because nearly every guy that lives long enough will develop a certain degree of prostate cancer. I’d say that, as a guy, being guaranteed a certain degree of cancer is a good enough reason to want to support the cause. 

Q: Why release music by a band that’s already broken up?
A: Because their material deserves to be heard. Let me put it this way, if you spent the better part of your teens and twenties working on a project, would you want that time, money, and effort to go to waste? No, you’d want it remembered, and that’s the goal. To have that passion and those endeavors and hardships remembered and maintained. 

Q: How will you make money on a project like this?
A: Not everything is about making money. Every now and again it’s just nice to contribute something nice to world around us. 

Q: How do I know that the money is actually going to where you’re saying it’s going to?
A: Email me at and I’ll give you the information first hand.

Q: Is the money really all going towards the Prostate Cancer Foundation? 
A: Unless the ex-members of the band want to keep a percentage of the sales. If they do, which they have the full right to, then Pacific Ridge Records’ percentage will be the portion that’s dedicated to the PCF.

Q: Do you only plan on donating to the Prostate Cancer Foundation? 
A:  Maybe the charity will change in the future, but right now the focus is on supporting two causes; cancer research and archiving scene related music.