For Fans of: Bright Eyes, Secondhand Serenade, Valencia and Dashboard Confessional.

The Style: With a sound comparable to Dashboard Confessional and Feeling Left Out, but with a uniqueness all its own these songs truly represent what it is like to have pure truth and heart in each and every song written. Give it a listen and you’ll find yourself singing along in no time.

Shane Henderson
Brendan Walter


Lights That Flicker Will Surely Fade

1. Away We Go
2. Dead of Winter
3. Heart So Close
4. Looking Forward to the Future
5. The Lights That Flicker Will Surely Fade
6. Seems Like Just Yesterday
7. Promise of Redemption
8. The Fallbacks of a Bad Attitude
9. Just As Your Lips
10. Carly
11. Take Time To Realize
12. A Life In Pictures
13. Sleep To Dream