A Tribute To The Get Up Kids
-The Composure - Mass Pike
The Scene, Vol. 3
An Inevitability
-On My Honor - Indrid Cold
A Tribute To Alkaline Trio
-Spontaneo - Clavicle
August Premier
Rebel Without Applause
-Day Drinks & Daydreams
A Tribute To The Movielife
- Bright and Early -
Face or Kneecaps
Bright and Early
Getting Through It
-Rule of Three
Mornington Crescent Now

-A Way Over
The Lion Faced Boy
Suspended Disbelief
Future Idiots
Future Idiots
-I Still Got Porn
The Scene: You Just Need To Know Where To Look
-Move Out West - Sink With You
The Scene, Vol. 2
We're Getting Closer
-Something More - Truth Is..
A Tribute To Blink 182 Vol. 1:
Pacific Ridge Records'
Heroes of Pop-Punk

-All Time Low - Time To Break Up
August Premier
Happy Miserable
-Little Girl
The Cameo In
As The Foot Meets The

Future Idiots
-Confessions to a Bartender
Cody Hoffman
Cody Hoffman
-4 A.M.
A Tribute To Blink 182
Vol.2: Pacific Ridge
Records' Heroes of Pop

-Madelyn - Stay Together For The Kids
The Ocean As Mistress
In Ruins
Future Idiots
Love and Murder
-Target of Chicanery
Promise of Redemption
Lights That Flicker Will
Surely Fade

Future Idiots
Neighborhoods & Morningwoods
-Up All Night
Future Idiots
Grand Theft Audio
Waiting For You
-Waiting For You
In Bloom
All My Potential
-Don't Let Me Go
The Startover
Survivor's Guide
Future Idiots
Grand Theft Audio 2
-In My Head
Call Off The Search
What Doesn't Kill Us
-Too Many Bad Guys, Not Enough Time
In Gratitude
Only In Youth
-Moving On
A Tribute To Tom Petty:
Pacific Ridge Records'
Heroes of Classic Rock

-Sleepaway - I Won't Back Down
Kyoto Drive
Spotlights and Stars
-Don't Turn Your Back On The Sun