For Fans of: Promise of Redemption and Dashboard Confessional.

The Style: An abundance of expressive lyrics that stir emotions due in part to the music being unbelievably relatable while being presented in an Acoustic/Pop-Rock style that’s strikingly similar to that of Promise of Redemption and Dashboard Confessional.

The Reason: Some artists create music because of the cathartic feeling involved with the process of such a creative endeavor. Others perform for the slim chance of being able to attain a level of fame that would round out an ego that desperately needs a self-esteem boost. Then there are those rare few who create music with the sole purpose of helping fans overcome challenging emotional experiences by honestly conveying feelings that are unbelievably relatable. These unselfish performers are the minority who deserve to be called 'artists' and more importantly these artists are the ones who have the ability to make a difference in peoples lives.

The intention isn’t to be pretentious. The goal is to be truthful and if someone finds inspiration in the style that's presented, then that’s a success that actually matters in the grand scheme of things.

Even if only one person finds comfort in these words then the immense amount of time, money and effort that was put into this music was all worth it.


Cody Hoffman



Cody Hoffman

1. Sing For Yesterday
2. Feeling Alive
3. 4 AM
4. I'm Not Crazy
5. Falling To Pieces
6. Guess It Was Wrong