For Fans of: Punchline and Bayside.

Style: The Sound Alarm music reviewer best described Bright and Early's sound when they said that the Philadelphia area group was a "[P]op-punk band from when pop-punk wasn't about weighing twelve pounds, having a shiny guitar that costs more than your house, and Auto-Tuning every single sound that comes out of your mouth. The rebellious Philly-area act believes in the good old days of raw emotion, doing it yourself (and doing it well), and actually giving a darn about the music that you play.

History: Bright and Early is a rock band from the Philadelphia area. Formed in 2010, within just one year the band has completed multiple DIY-booked and professionally booked tours, shared the stage with numerous prominent acts, participated in their hometown Warped Tour and recorded two separate EP's and a Single entitled, "Always On My Mind".


John Browne: Vocals/Guitar
Pete Delgais: Vocals/Guitar
Matt Welsh: Drums
Ben Roth: Vocals/Guitar
Eric Camarota: Bass



Getting Through It

1. Stick By Me
2. Rule of Three
3. For What It's Worth
4. Selling Yourself Short