For Fans of: Allister, Punchline and Alkaline Trio.

They Said It: E-Zine Room Thirteen said it best when they described the revitalized August Premier and their new album Happy Miserable as "A great album, and for what it's worth it's the best album of the year so far." The reviewer continued by describing AP as having "Great Punk Rock tunes that stand alone, making no apologies for the lack of sugar-sweet harmonies. This is the future of Pop Punk and Hell yeah I love it!". I couldn't of said it better mself.

History: The arc of August Premier's career perfectly depicts life and the peaks and valleys associated with our finite time spent together. For example, AP started out emotionally driven and wildly ambitious with their debut indie release, Balloons...Everything's Okay. Through unguided dedication, AP eventually climbed the industry ladder and secured a spot on the quasi-major, Fueled By Ramen Records. The move eventually led to their sophomore release Fireworks and Alcohol, which was an incredibly polished but somewhat hollow milestone that was tarnished by an anticlimactic conclusion to their arduous journey to popularity.

The similarities between life and the goals we strive for are never more evident then at this very moment in AP's existence. That's because we all eventually learn that the celebration of our achievements should never be about reaching the pinnacle of our career or the apex of our life. The joy should be discovered in the journey to get to the summit.

As the saying goes, what goes up must come down. The ensuing descent and subsequent slump led to the disbanding of AP. Throughout the better part of the next decade the various members established several side projects, which led to an increase in maturity, musical skill and most of all, life experience. This collection of worldliness evolved into a slow and steady climb back up the proverbial mountain.

Now instead of the haphazard attempt to ascend to the top of the musical game. AP has resurfaced with the intention of concentrating on maintaining a slow and steady ascent while staying focused on the path that is most important. The path of contentedness with the idea that they will enjoy the moment more than the climax. Because as we'll all slowly come to realize with time and experience, life's about friends, family and the support of those around us. Not necessarily the places our success takes us.

Overall it doesn't matter why AP fell from their lofty perch but what I do know is you can't be happy without experiencing what the miserable side of life has to offer. August Premier confronted this very issue and turned the experience in to a new project and a new beginning.


Chris Rogner
Mark Halminiak
Mickey Molinari
Mikey Cheiro


Rebel Without Applause

1. In Hell (Can't Spell Friend Without Fiend)
2. Exit Strategy
3. Day Drinks & Daydreams
4. Rebel Without Applause
5. See You At The Bottom

Happy Miserable

1. Trenches
2. Foo Figgity
3. Little Girl
4. Worlds Away
5. Grey Skies
6. A Good Day For The Birds
7. Battles
8. Remember The Pines
9. Breakers
10. Last Words